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Founder note

TruTech was founded in early 2017 by Vish Patel to provide a personalised Tech recruitment experience for clients and candidates.

Vish has worked in the Tech recruitment industry for over 15 years, originally in London before moving to Dubai in 2011. Till this day Vish is still involved in each search providing his expertise to ensure a high level of quality and success.

“With the growth and adoption of Internet tools in our industry facilitating mass access to the candidate market, recruitment methods are becoming heavily reliant and are slowly overlooking the more challenging methods to add value.

Over the years the importance of a trusted referral and personal interaction seems to have lessened, this is needed in our industry more than ever.

I strongly believe trust and communication are key values which results in genuine referrals and relationships. With referrals at the root of everything we do, we can only succeed by treating everyone how we would like to be treated.

We combine respect, care, trust, referrals and adopt today’s modern tools to provide an unsurpassed level of quality and TruTech candidates resulting in longevity.”

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